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Outsource Word Processing and Formatting Services

Impeccably presented products or services immediately captivate audiences, leaving a lasting impression. Your business documents, data, and marketing materials are no exception to this principle. Whether it’s company reports, manuals, survey forms, questionnaires, presentations, resumes, newsletters, or product manuals, each requires meticulous formatting to resonate effectively with the intended reader. Converting your documents into appropriate formats such as Excel and PDF can significantly enhance their usability and accessibility. Likewise, transcribing audio and video content into official and legal formats allows for flexible repurposing according to your specific requirements. Only skilled word processing and formatting professionals can execute these tasks with precision.

Fusion Digi Tech offers seamless access to proficient professionals capable of formatting a wide array of documents with unparalleled accuracy and precision. With extensive experience and expertise in various domains, our team adeptly applies diverse templates, borders, and techniques to tailor your documents according to your specific needs. Employing the most suitable format, font-face, font-size, and page layout, our professionals ensure efficient management of your data, enabling easy structuring and seamless access to business-critical information whenever necessary. Backed by ISO-certified processes, Fusion Digi Tech delivers best-in-class service and unrivaled data security. With over 20 years in the industry, we possess the capability to provide customized services swiftly and accurately.

Key Benefits of Outsourcing Word Processing Services

More productive time

Outsourcing liberates valuable time and resources, allowing you to focus on core business priorities and maximize productivity.

Customized services

Engaging a specialized word processing company ensures tailored word template designs to meet your exact requirements. Your vendor can deliver the finalized work in various formats, including Microsoft Word Documents with appropriate HTML or PDF formatting.

Easy access to key skill sets

While word processing may be a secondary function for your business, for your vendor, it’s their core expertise. This means they have dedicated word processing experts with profound understanding of the task at hand. Outsourcing grants you convenient access to this specialized talent pool.


Outsourcing not only delivers tailored services within designated timelines but also preserves your financial resources. Leveraging labor arbitrage, your service provider offers significantly lower rates compared to local resources, ensuring cost savings while maintaining quality.

Our Word Processing Service Offerings

Desktop Publishing

As a component of our word processing services, we specialize in generating word documents sourced from various materials including business literature, reports, proposals, mailshots, presentations, newsletters, brochures, sales pitches, marketing materials, book manuscripts, and legal documents.

Desktop Publishing

Our specialists meticulously format your current text according to your precise requirements. This encompasses formatting headings, lists, and numbering, incorporating footnotes, and applying title casing. Additionally, our language experts scrutinize the text for coherence, organization, sentence structure, transitions, phrasing, and ambiguities.

Tables and Figures

To ensure the clarity of your data presentation, we utilize tables and figures. Our experts adeptly craft a table of contents, list of figures, and list of tables.

Page Layout

We tailor the page layout to meet your specifications. Our specialists adjust margins, footers, headers, page numbering, columns, and orientation to your preferences.


Our experts employ the optimal font, color, and style, complemented by your company’s logo, front cover, borders, headers, lines, and fills, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing presentation.

Captions and References

To complement your figures, facts, and tables, we incorporate captions and references throughout the document.

Extra Design

We assist businesses in crafting promotional documents like newsletters suitable for email distribution to customers. Our mail merging specialists personalize these documents by incorporating the correct email addresses and appropriate salutations.

File Compilation

Our specialists incorporate images, tables, and appendices into your document, ensuring meticulous attention to detail. They carefully review the document for consistent casing, spacing before full stops, and single/double spacing where applicable.

Mail Merging

We aid businesses in crafting promotional documents like newsletters for distribution to customers via email. Our mail merging specialists personalize these documents by incorporating the correct email addresses and appropriate salutations, ensuring a personalized touch.

Scanned Files or PDFs to Text

Optical character recognition tools often struggle with deciphering scanned text and handwritten documents. Our experienced professionals manually transcribe these materials, converting scanned PDFs and documents into editable and searchable content, ensuring accuracy and accessibility.

Images to Text

As smartphones become increasingly prevalent, a vast amount of content is captured and stored in an unorganized manner. Utilizing our word processing services, you can transform this digital content into a machine-readable format, facilitating convenient management and accessibility.

Video to Text

Within our video to text transcription services, we meticulously transcribe the audio or text embedded within video files. The resulting text is then formatted according to your specific requirements. Whether it involves spoken content, burned-in captions, or subtitles, our experts excel at transcribing every aspect for you.

Audio Typing and Transcription

Industries such as media, education, and entertainment frequently handle vast amounts of data in the form of audio and video files. Our skilled professionals excel at transcribing this content into accurate and error-free text. Whether it involves podcasts, interviews, presentations, conference calls, speeches, or voice memos, our seasoned experts are capable of transcribing them all with precision.

Choose Our Word Processing and Formatting Services for Excellent Outcomes

Tailor our word processing and formatting services to meet your specific business requirements while enjoying savings of nearly 50% or more on operational costs.

In addition to competitive pricing, we offer exceptional scalability. Our dedicated resources seamlessly integrate with your team, and a committed project manager ensures continuous updates and communication. With a diverse range of word processing services, we guarantee high customer satisfaction.

Root Cause Analysis of Bad Data in Company Datasets

A Study Conducted by Fusion Digi Tech on 50+ Clients.

Word Processing and Formatting Services: The Fusion Digi Tech Advantage

Customized solutions

We tailor our solutions to address your unique business requirements, ensuring you receive maximum benefit from our services.

24*7 support

We’re here 24/7 to address your inquiries and provide you with timely project updates.

Cost-effective services

We tailor our solutions to meet your exact business needs, ensuring you derive the maximum benefit from our services.

Complete accuracy

As an organization certified by ISO 9001, we guarantee 99.995% accuracy in all our projects.

Data Security and Confidentiality

Being an ISO 27001 certified organization, we prioritize complete data safety and ensure the protection of your valuable information.

Partner with Fusion Digi Tech for professional text editing and formatting services, elevating your business to higher levels of productivity and operational excellence. Contact us at to discuss your requirements or to request a free trial.

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