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Develop accurate computer vision models through the utilization of appropriate tools, techniques, and expertise.

Computer Vision Video Annotation Services

Video annotation is crucial for training computer vision models, yet it’s a laborious task to break down videos into individual frames and annotate each with the necessary metadata. Unlike image annotation, video annotation is more complex due to semantic intricacies, the vast amount of data within videos, numerous potential classifiers, and adherence to dataset quality standards, among other factors.

Businesses seek a cost-effective and efficient solution to generate large quantities of precise and meaningful video annotations while maintaining productivity. Outsourcing video annotation services for machine learning and artificial intelligence projects presents a more sensible option for businesses aiming to streamline their operations.

Fusion Digi Tech: Your Premier Outsourcing Partner for Video Annotation Services

Elevate your computer vision models with precise video annotation services from Fusion Digi Tech.

Our seasoned annotators and data experts are well-versed in the intricate challenges of video annotation, equipped with the apt tools, methodologies, and proficiency to overcome them. Employing a streamlined and adaptable annotation framework, we tailor our approach to align seamlessly with the specific requirements of your deep learning models.

Beyond meticulous frame-by-frame analysis, our services encompass object detection, recognition, and metadata annotation, all geared towards facilitating swift scalability. With certifications in ISO 9001:2015 for Data Quality and ISO 27001:2022 for Information Security, we assure seamless integration and top-tier services, upholding confidentiality at every step.

A Diverse Array of Video Annotation Solutions for Computer Vision and AI Training Data

video annotation services

Object Localization

Utilizing diverse voice, text, and image annotation methods for object localization, we pinpoint the prominent individual objects and delineate their boundaries within each frame of a video.

Object Detection

We utilize a variety of video annotation tools tailored for computer vision models to meticulously detect all objects of interest frame by frame, ensuring their recognition by machines through accurate classification.

Labor Time Reduction

Our video annotation services adhere to industry-leading practices, seamlessly adjusting to your model’s learning parameters. We employ a suite of effective annotation techniques including bounding boxes, landmarks, semantic segmentation, and polygons to streamline processes, minimizing time and effort while upholding service excellence.

Pose Estimation

Utilizing a streamlined operational workflow for precise annotation and continuous frame tracking, we identify human figures and strides. This classification is then employed to curate a training dataset, aiding in coaching visual perception models to accurately track human activities and estimate poses.

Video Annotation Services: Object Tracking for Autonomous Vehicles

Our skilled annotators specialize in constructing comprehensive video datasets featuring meticulously labeled and tagged object segments, contextual descriptions, scene details, optical flow annotations, and instance-wise segmentation. These versatile datasets empower clients to effectively train their visual perception models and ML/AI algorithms with pertinent cues.

Our video annotation services find prominent applications in autonomous vehicles, drones, robotics, AR, security, and healthcare domains. For instance, in the realm of self-driving cars, our precise and dependable datasets enable accurate detection and recognition of road obstacles, support navigation, and enhance predictive capabilities to optimize pathfinding and ensure efficient travel.

video annotation services

Activity Monitoring and Pose Estimation: Video Annotation Solutions

video annotation services

Comprehending human motion within videos is a significant advancement for deep learning computer vision models. Through the localization of human joints and tracking diverse body poses in videos, accompanied by precise tagging, the resulting dataset finds applications in animation, player movement analysis, action recognition, gaming, and more.

At Fusion Digi Tech, we employ cutting-edge and efficient video annotation methods to enhance accuracy. Our annotation specialists employ a blend of manual and automated techniques to pinpoint visible keypoints, continually exploring novel approaches to estimate occluded keypoints. We conduct regular analyses of these estimates, implementing iterative measures to rectify any deficiencies in the dataset model.

Video Annotation: The Fusion Digi Tech India Advantage

  • Customizable Workflow
  • Best-in-Class Quality
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Comprehensive Label Support
  • Access To Specialist Annotators
  • Round-The-Clock Development Support
  • Cost-Effective Pricing Model
  • Flexible Outsourcing Model

Explore Your Video Annotation Needs with Us

Benefit from over two decades of industry expertise as you engage with Fusion Digi Tech, a distinguished leader in diverse data, technology, and digital sectors. Our video annotation services, led by seasoned machine learning engineers, are fortified by an extensive toolkit, an expanding range of annotations, and meticulously documented APIs. Alongside essential video annotation solutions, our outsourcing firm extends live video annotation on demand, ensuring swift turnaround times.

Tap into Fusion Digi Tech proficiency to furnish your deep learning models with ample, high-quality training data, enhancing accuracy and accelerating the pace of development. Reach out to us at learn more.

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