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Quickly Extract and Get Well-Structured Data with our Professional Web Data Scraping Services

Data Scraping Services

Looking for rapid access to ready-to-use data from numerous online sources? Look no further than our web scraping services! As a premier data scraping company, our team excels in extracting diverse data types (files, text, images, etc.) from multiple online platforms with swift turnaround times. Leveraging industry-leading APIs like Scraperapi, pre-built scripts, customized scripts crafted by our in-house experts, crawlers, and manual techniques, we transform raw web data into well-structured, actionable information, facilitating seamless analysis.

Tailored to your business needs, our web data scraping services encompass identification, extraction, cleansing, filtering, and standardization of data, delivering it in your preferred format for error-free results. Whether it’s lead generation, price monitoring, competitor analysis, or research, our services are customizable to meet your specific objectives, providing accurate datasets aligned with your use case.

Our team of web scraping specialists is equipped to tackle any data extraction challenges you encounter:

Complex web page structures
Different privacy policies of websites
Heterogeneous data
IP blocking
User authentication

Our Data Scraping Service Offerings

Our web scraping services are supported by data specialists with extensive domain knowledge. By entrusting us with your data scraping needs, our experts compile the information into valuable datasets, providing you with the relevant insights you seek. Our comprehensive data scraping services encompass

eCommerce Price & Product Data Scraping

Leverage our eCommerce data scraping services to extract valuable information from top marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, among others. With our web scraping expertise, you can gather customer reviews, product prices, inventory details, descriptions, images, ratings, and more. This empowers you to conduct thorough product and competitor research, unveiling invaluable market insights to drive informed decision-making.

Financial Data Scraping

Utilize our tailored web scraping solutions to capture a plethora of financial data points, including company annual reports, retained earnings, turnover, stock rate data, and more. Drawing from diverse sources such as news websites, online financial reports, and stock exchanges, our services enable you to predict risks, make informed financial decisions, conduct market research, and gain insights into competitors.

Real Estate Data Scraping

Efficiently harness real estate data from a multitude of sources including brokers’ contact details, property listings, mortgage information, foreclosure data, realtor profiles, and property specifics. In addition to crawling and extraction, our website scraping services encompass data consolidation, presenting you with a refined and organized database for seamless data retrieval.

Social Media Data Scraping

We conduct social media scraping to gather data from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, among others. Utilizing various scripts and specific search criteria, our specialists assist in extracting profile information, contact details, hashtags, keywords, posts, and more. This data can be utilized for sentiment analysis, brand monitoring, assessing competitor social media strategies, and other strategic purposes.

Data Scraping for Recruitment Companies

As part of our web scraping services, we extract diverse data points including open job vacancies, sought-after talents, candidate lists, company profiles, and job descriptions from multiple job portals and recruitment websites. Our data scraping solutions empower your recruitment firm to efficiently source candidates, analyze market competition, and conduct trend research within the industry.

Healthcare Data Scraping

Our web data scraping services specialize in sourcing and gathering medical data including new medications, hospital details, vaccines, equipment, and other custom data fields. This information supports drug development, efficacy testing, healthcare market research, and strengthens your marketing initiatives.

Sales & Marketing Data Scraping

Acquiring a highly specific list of potential clients can pose challenges. As a leading provider among web scraping services, we specialize in creating tailored lists to connect you with qualified leads. By thoroughly understanding your target demographic, we employ scraping techniques to extract essential details such as phone numbers, email addresses, job titles, and more from pertinent sources. This enables your sales team to focus their efforts on engaging with the most promising leads.

Travel & Hospitality Data Scraping

Our website data scraping services enhance your travel business or portal by gathering crucial information such as pricing, hotel reviews, flight fares, room availability, ratings, and more from specified sources. This curated data enables you to perform competitive analysis, monitor prices, stay updated on itineraries, destinations, and other relevant details.

Root Cause Analysis of Bad Data in Company Datasets

A Study Conducted by SunTec India on 50+ Clients.

Sources and Data Points that we Can Scrape

With our website scraping services, our professionals can scrape any type of data from numerous sources, including but not limited to:

Contact information
PDF data
Data from business directories
Image data
Product/service pricing data
Online job portals
News articles
Financial reports
Research papers
Custom data points
Online files & documents
Website data
Social media data
eCommerce stores
Public records
Reviews and ratings
Government data archives
Online course material

Web Scraping Services Workflow

  • Requirement analysis

We conduct a thorough analysis of your business needs, encompassing targeted websites, preferred data points, format specifications, and scraping frequency. Additionally, we offer consultation services to assist you in identifying the optimal data sources for your requirements.

  • API and scripts development

Our web scraping company designs tailored scripts that adhere to the legal constraints and terms of service stipulated by the respective websites, ensuring seamless data extraction processes.

  • Data extraction

We pinpoint the pertinent data fields according to your specifications and extract the desired information from the designated websites.

  • Data cleaning and standardization

Following extraction, we consolidate the data, eliminating irrelevant or duplicate content, and meticulously clean and standardize it through rigorous processes to eliminate errors and ensure uniform formatting.

  • Dataset delivery

We deliver the final dataset to you in your preferred format (CSV, XML, etc.) through secure channels such as FTP servers, email, Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other medium of your choosing, guaranteeing data security and confidentiality.

Why Outsource Data Scraping Services to us?

As a premier web scraping service provider based in India, we’ve aided countless clients globally in achieving their objectives through extensive data extraction solutions. By entrusting your web scraping needs to us, we assure swift and scalable data scraping while upholding the highest standards of accuracy. Employing a collaborative and transparent operational model, we empower you with full control over your outsourced processes.

Our distinctive features:

Quick turnaround time

Regardless of the data complexity or volume that needs to be scraped, we offer a quick TAT and deliver the project in the committed time frame.

ISO-certified processes

Our web scraping company holds ensuring compliance with robust information security management and quality management systems.

20+ years of experience

With more than twenty years of industry experience and expertise, we have solidified our position as one of the leading data scraping companies in the field.

Quick turnaround time

Our proficient and seasoned data scraping team utilizes top-notch scraping tools, APIs, and customized scripts to provide you with the precise data you require.

Multi-time zone support

Our team operates in shifts 24/6 to ensure uninterrupted web scraping services, aligning with your time zone for seamless collaboration.

20+ years of experience

To showcase our expertise, we provide a complimentary demo before finalizing the project. During this stage, our experts scrape your specified data and furnish you with a sample dataset for evaluation.

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