AI and RPA-Powered Automated Testing Services

Enhance testing efficiency and mitigate software vulnerability risks through streamlined automation – achieving faster feedback cycles, reduced costs, and comprehensive risk mitigation.

Streamlined Automation Testing for Agile Development

Transform your software testing process and slash regression testing time by up to 60% with our automation testing services. fusion digitech operates as an adaptive test automation company equipped with an in-house Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE).

We emphasize precision and efficiency through our integrated human-AI approach. Leveraging advanced test automation strategies and RPA models, we accelerate test case creation to achieve maximum coverage. Our seasoned software testers meticulously validate automated tests for dependable outcomes.

Partner with us for:

  • Executing testing across diverse devices using automated scripts
  • Developing custom test automation frameworks (utilizing Python, Java, and C++) and implementing logic
  • Continuous testing within the CI/CD pipeline (using Selenium, Apache JMeter, and REST-assured)
  • Ensuring zero critical defects in production for web apps, mobile apps, and cloud-based solutions

Comprehensive Automation Services for Software Testing

From strategizing test automation to selecting tools, setting up environments, developing scripts, and generating reports, we manage every phase. Optimize test coverage with our comprehensive software automation testing services.

Functional Testing

Ensure the application meets all specified functional requirements outlined during design and development. We verify the application’s intended functionality through:

  • Comprehensive end-to-end functional testing across multiple modules/components
  • Testing various user scenarios and workflows
  • User interface (UI) testing to assess visual elements and user interactions
  • Unit testing using both white-box and black-box techniques
Non-Functional Testing

Ensure the non-functional aspects of applications are validated, guaranteeing optimal performance, stability, reliability, and adherence to specified quality attributes.

  • Conduct automated performance testing across varying workloads (including load and stress testing)
  • Perform reliability testing to validate fault tolerance
  • Conduct usability testing to enhance user experience
  • Perform disaster recovery testing and backup/restore testing
Integration Testing

Ensure smooth interaction and data flow among different components, modules, and external systems within your software application. Our automated integration testing covers:

  • API testing for seamless external system integration
  • Middleware integration testing using tools like SoapUI
  • Service and component integration testing
  • Database and third-party integration testing
  • Message-based integration testing
Compatibility Testing

Ensure consistent user experiences by preemptively identifying and resolving cross-platform compatibility issues through rigorous testing.

  • Test across various devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, mobiles)
  • Verify network protocol compatibility
  • Test browser versions and configurations
  • Validate operating system compatibility (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS)
Smoke Testing

Gain early confidence in software builds by quickly assessing the core functionalities of an application before proceeding with extensive testing.

  • Perform exploratory positive and negative testing
  • Conduct build verification testing within CI/CD pipelines
  • Implement critical path testing using Selenium
  • Validate installer packages
  • Ensure effective error handling with tools like JMeter and LoadRunner
Regression Testing

Ensure application stability by thoroughly validating that new code changes do not negatively impact existing functionalities.

  • Execute test suites after implementing code changes
  • Re-test defects after bug fixes
  • Prioritize regression test cases based on risk assessment
  • Perform regression testing to cover edge cases
Security Testing

Protect SaaS and other applications from cyber threats by identifying and mitigating security vulnerabilities, while ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Our experts specialize in automating:

  • Static and dynamic code analysis
  • Infrastructure and network security testing
  • Penetration testing using grey and white-box methods
  • OWASP security risks assessment
  • Compliance testing for GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS

Unlock Exceptional Benefits with Our Expertise in Software Testing Automation

  • 60-80% enhanced test coverage
  • 40-60% reduced QA TCO
  • 85% accelerated time-to-market

Our Process for Automating Application Testing

  • Evaluate Testing Requirements
  • Select Tools & Technologies
  • Design Framework
  • Configure Testing Tools
  • Create Test Cases
  • Develop & Execute Test Scripts
  • Analyze Results and Fix Errors

Why Choose fusion digitech for Software Testing Automation Services?

With over 25 years of experience and a global presence spanning across 40+ countries, we are a trusted test automation partner for both tech startups and enterprises. By integrating cutting-edge technologies, skilled developers, and ISO-certified data security practices, we craft test automation solutions that are tailored to meet evolving product requirements and surpass client expectations.

Customized Automation Testing Frameworks

Our software testing experts evaluate your current frameworks to ensure long-term efficiency and reusability. If necessary, we can develop custom testing frameworks using the latest tools and technologies, tailored to align with your specific requirements and enhance the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

AI/RPA Powered Automation

By harnessing artificial intelligence and robotic process automation, we automate the conversion of test cases into executable scripts, resulting in improved test coverage, increased productivity, and expedited test deployments.

Test Automation CoE

As a dedicated test automation company, we function as an extension of your software development and QA teams, guaranteeing robust and dependable testing outcomes. Additionally, if needed, we can help establish dedicated Testing Centers of Excellence (CoEs) within your organization.

Human-AI synergy

We integrate human expertise with cutting-edge technologies to achieve efficient results. Our adept test automation engineers utilize AI capabilities to oversee testing environments, tackle intricate scenarios, and enhance error handling.

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