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Simplify ESG Reporting with Complete Data Support from Fusion Digi Tech

For many ESG data companies, the need to produce impact reports swiftly, in line with Global ESG Disclosure Standards, while maintaining data accuracy, is paramount. This entails compiling crucial enterprise data from various sources and ensuring the precision of datasets. ESG data companies can simplify this process by outsourcing ESG data management services to Fusion Digi Tech.

We assist sustainability reporting platforms and organizations in adhering to Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards by offering services such as data collection, curation, compilation, and cleansing. Our team comprises subject-matter experts well-versed in the intricacies of the ESG data landscape. Capable of handling diverse data formats and complexities, we process large volumes of ESG data swiftly and efficiently.

Our ESG data management and reporting services for ESG Data Companies encompass:

  • Gathering and acquiring raw data
  • Curating data to suit your AI platform requirements
  • Organizing data to meet your disclosure reporting needs

Case Study: ESG Data Research for Sustainability Reporting

The client, a European AI-powered tech platform specializing in automated sustainability analysis and reporting, encountered hurdles in ESG data management. Our team undertook the task of aggregating pertinent data from various sources and generated a structured dataset, enhancing accessibility. Following two years of successful operation with a team comprising 5-10 members, the client expanded their partnership with us by hiring a remote team of 35 members in their third year of collaboration.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
from Diverse Industry Domains

Our ESG data solutions streamline data administration for ESG-focused enterprises and Impact Reporting bodies. We enlist subject matter experts, including graduates in science and technology, data advisors, and professionals with specialized expertise in sustainability, to deliver contextual, pertinent, and accurate outcomes.

Root Cause Analysis of Bad Data in Company Datasets

A Study Conducted by Fusion Digi Tech on 50+ Clients.

Our ESG Data Service Offerings

We assist companies in overcoming the major hurdles in ESG data administration, including aligning data with international performance benchmarks, enhancing shareability, and ensuring compliance with regulations. By handling your tedious tasks, we free up your time to concentrate on essential operational functions. Additionally, our data experts develop transparent ESG data management incentives to optimize results.

ESG Data Collection

  • ESG data originates from internal corporate channels such as sales, marketing, finance, HR, websites, and annual reports.
  • Furthermore, it is sourced from external entities like CSR reports and public disclosures.
  • Additionally, data is gathered from third-party systems integrated within an organization, such as ERP, EMS, CMS, and SCM platforms.
  • We gather as-reported ESG data to ensure comprehensive coverage of a target company’s operations and workforce.
  • We compile ESG data into a unified dataset, meticulously entering and validating records for accuracy.

ESG Data Monitoring

  • We regularly review the data sources pertinent to our clients’ ESG data needs.
  • Any modified data values are promptly identified and updated in the client’s ESG database to enhance accuracy.
  • We conduct regular cleaning, validation, and updates to ensure the integrity of existing dataset entries.

ESG Data Delivery

  • Before delivery, we conduct a comprehensive review of the ESG database to ensure it meets quality standards and complies with data standards.
  • We simplify the database for analysis by transparently adding metadata to the data fields.
  • Finally, we deliver the database in the format preferred by the client.

We Use the Following Sources for ESG Data Compilation

  • Information regarding ESG goals from company websites
  • Company disclosures
  • Internal organizational metrics
  • Data from internal systems such as ERP, HR, EHS, EMS, SCM
  • Annual reports and public filings
  • Information from third-party sources (NGOs and government reports)
  • Real-time ESG data (news, social media posts, public reviews)
  • Supplementary ESG data available in the public domain (satellite imagery, reports from environmentalists)

Why Should you Outsource ESG Data Management?

Sourcing sustainability reporting data involves gathering from diverse channels, a process often complex and demanding frequent validation. Entrusting ESG data management to our team guarantees streamlined processing and precise reporting. With our skilled specialists, companies receive tailored assistance in managing their ESG data. Additionally, we enhance reporting efficiency, ensuring both swiftness and precision.

Our ESG data services further assist you in the following ways:

  • 20+ years of experience is translated into efficient data management.
  • The latest technologies and tools ensure up-to-date and secure outcomes.
  • A strong commitment to quality and client satisfaction guarantees the best outcomes.
  • A dedicated team of domain specialists ensures quick project turnaround.

Outsource your ESG data management needs to Fusion Digi Tech, your reliable partner in data support. Reach out to us at for further details.

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