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For AI applications to perceive objects akin to human understanding, precise labeling in training data is paramount. However, this task can be intricate, cumbersome, and time-consuming. That’s where our image annotation services come in. With years of experience, we’ve been assisting clients across diverse sectors by meticulously tagging and annotating images, effectively training their computer vision models to achieve their objectives.

As a foremost image annotation company, we boast a team of proficient data annotators dedicated to accurately labeling your images and furnishing high-quality training datasets. Handling both 2D and 3D images, our team ensures swift and precise results, irrespective of the complexity of your datasets. Leveraging top image annotation techniques, our services guarantee reliable outcomes for your needs

Image Annotation and Labeling Services Portfolio

As a leading name in image annotation services within India, our team specializes in swiftly delivering precise datasets tailored for training your computer vision models. We employ a range of annotation techniques, including but not limited to the following:

2D/3D Bounding Box Annotation

For empowering your AI model to detect objects within images, our image annotation firm utilizes both 2D and 3D bounding box annotation methodologies, catering to diverse industries and applications such as robotics, autonomous vehicles, e-commerce, retail, agriculture technology, healthcare, and beyond. Our proficient team strategically places bounding boxes around objects of interest within images, ensuring precise labeling to furnish your machine-learning models with optimal training data.

Image Annotation Services
Image Annotation Services

Semantic Segmentation

Our adept image annotation professionals employ semantic segmentation to execute pixel-level classification and assign pertinent labels to image components. This method ensures accurate object segmentation within images. We excel in tagging elements within your supplied images for a multitude of applications, including navigation for autonomous vehicles, crop type identification, distinguishing healthy cells from tumor cells, and more..

Polygons Annotation

Addressing the limitations of 2D and 3D bounding boxes in annotating irregularly shaped objects, our annotators employ the polygon annotation technique. This method precisely delineates the borders of image elements, irrespective of their shape or dimensions. Our skilled professionals meticulously plot points along object vertices to accurately label them. Polygon image annotation services find application in labeling road signs, buildings, trees, human postures in sports, logos, animals, and various other contexts.

Keypoint/Landmark Annotation

Utilizing our pioneering annotation method, we equip your models with the capability to discern subtle shapes and dimensions within images. This involves strategically plotting and linking consecutive points at designated positions. Through this innovative approach, our image labeling service crafts precise datasets, empowering deep-learning models to discern athletes’ poses for advanced sports analytics, interpret facial expressions, skeletal structures, emotions, and gestures, as well as monitor human body movements with remarkable accuracy.

Line & Polyline Annotation

For delineating intricate regions such as boundaries, where conventional bounding box methods fall short, our image annotation firm excels in precisely defining and labeling using line and polyline annotation. This approach empowers machine learning models to discern linear structures effectively. Leveraging this method, we train robots to discern disparities among segments of a conveyor belt or enable autonomous vehicles to recognize lanes with precision.

Image Annotation Services for Different Industriesand Use Cases

Our image annotation company can label a variety of images, based on your specific use case or industry needs,

including but not limited to:

Security & Surveillance

Facilitates security cameras in precisely recognizing individuals and objects within images, crucial for threat detection and investigative purposes.


Enables the identification of diseases and irregularities within medical imaging data, including X-rays, CT scans, MRI, and ultrasound scans.

eCommerce & Retail

Improves product search and discovery by enhancing visual search capabilities and enabling personalized recommendations.

Autonomous Driving

Empowers autonomous vehicles to recognize various objects such as cars, trees, traffic lights, debris, and animals on the streets.


Assists farmers in assessing soil conditions, identifying crop diseases, and tracking the health and development of plants.


Empowers drones to detect, map, and track objects of interest within aerial images, including people, animals, buildings, and more.

Image Annotation Workflow

1. Analyzing Requirements

Upon receiving a service inquiry, our team of annotation experts comprehends the client’s annotation needs and delineates the scope of the project.

2. Preparing Image Dataset

We gather image datasets provided by clients and then ready them for annotation. This involves filtering out any irrelevant, blurry, or obscured images from the dataset.

3. Specifying Objects

After preparing the image dataset, we identify various objects and elements within the images that require annotation.

4. Assigning Image Labels

We label and tag images using various annotation techniques, such as bounding boxes, keypoints, lines, and splines.

5. Exporting Images & Quality Checking

Once the images are accurately labeled, we proceed to export them. Subsequently, the data undergoes several quality checks to uphold the high accuracy achieved during the labeling process.

6. Delivering Project

Upon meticulous examination of the annotated dataset, our image labeling company furnishes clients with the finalized output in the designated format, tailored specifically for training datasets.

What makes Fusion Digi Tech the preferred choice for outsourcing image annotation services?

With a distinguished track record spanning over two decades, Fusion Digi Tech stands as a prominent IT outsourcing entity. Our extensive expertise has empowered numerous global enterprises in attaining AI proficiency through tailor-made image labeling solutions. By entrusting your image annotation needs to us, your business gains access to our wealth of experience and specialized knowledge, propelling the development of smarter, more perceptive computer vision applications.

Here’s What Sets us Apart:

ISO-certified processes
Customized workflows
Flexible hiring models
Quick turnaround time
Round the clock assistance
Competitive pricing
99% accurate outcomes
Quick scalability
Complete data security

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